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We at Revoluzione Euro Motors sell premium European motorcycles, offer expert service of many different makes of bikes including Ducati, Aprilia, and Triumph, offer professional consignment sales, and support your European riding passion. We are an enthusiastic and quality-oriented family owned business located in beautiful Bend, Oregon. We strive to provide the finest service to central Oregon's riding community.

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quality performance european motorcyles

European performance motorcycles are our passion. We enjoy sharing this passion with other riders who are ready to move up into the pure spirit of performance motorcycling. We will do what it takes to get you into the bike that fits your needs and is exactly what you're looking for.

  • Sales of premium used motorcycles
  • Service of European motorcycles
  • Consignment sales
  • Used motorcycle locating and delivery services

satisfied customer comments

I purchased a 2007 Ducati GT1000 Sport Classic from David. I would easily do business again. The bike was honestly represented, and all of my questions were answered promptly and completely.  The  transaction went smoothly and the bike was everything I expected it to be. David's very knowledgeable and it was a pleasure to find someone who is a true motorcycle enthusiast. 
Randolph, NJ

Aside from receiving a free bike from your rich old uncle who only rode it down to the coffee shop on odd Wednesdays of leap years, buying a motorcycle from David is the best way to get a used bike. For starters, he’s passionate about motorcycles, especially those of the drool-worthy Euro variety. He’s also a ridiculously skilled mechanic (including lots of time spent wrenching on slightly more complicated machines, like airplanes). Plus, he’s just a dang nice guy and won’t quit until you’re happy. I’d buy another moto from him in a heartbeat.
Bend, OR
2005 Husaberg FE450E

The motorcycle I bought from David was in excellent condition and completely as described.   David is fair in his appraisals and mechanically knowledgeable about his bikes.  David honestly answered all my questions prior to flying in to see the motorcycle.  He gave me enough confidence in the bike's condition to buy a one-way ticket with the plan of riding it home.   David even went so far as to pick me up at the airport.  That's customer service!   And of course, the ride home was fun and devoid of drama.  Thanks!
Portland, OR
1996 Ducati 900SS CR

These words come quite late in the process of purchasing my Ducati 900sp from David. The truth of the matter is that I had already worked out a dozen or so nice things to say about my experiences in purchasing the bike before I ever took possession of it. David was honest and willing to discuss the bike I was about to purchase site unseen. The possibility of picking up the bike in Oregon and riding it home to New York came up. When asked if he thought it would make the trip David paused and answered with such confidence "it indeed would" that I felt embarrassed for even asking. I got the bike and within an hour thought that riding it back to Oregon to thank David personally might be a good idea. My bike is everything David said it was and more. More over, David was very patient in what turned out to be a drawn out purchase. Without going in to detail, it took me a little longer to pay for the bike than I expected due to a few Craigslist issues on my end. David happily held the bike for me with the deposit I sent. I suspect this was because he began to feel an affinity for the machine and liked seeing it around. I certainly do. David is a meticulous mechanic and a passionate and knowledgeable lover of the Ducati marquee. I would have sent this email earlier but I've been way too busy riding my new bike to do so!
New York
1996 Ducati 900SS SP

I drove from Portland to Bend to buy a 1981 BMW R100RS from David.  It was exactly as advertised.  He described the bike as it was, without trying to up-sell it or hide any flaws.  He seemed genuinely interested in making sure the bike was right for me, rather than just making a sale.  Dave is an honest and trustworthy guy, who proved that he'll stand by his word.  
Portland, OR

I bought a 2005 Honda RC51 from Daniel and David. It was my best buying experience to date. Those guys really made me feel comfortable and really treated me like a friend from the start. Even though they didn't usually sell Hondas it seemed like they did their research on RC's and their history in order to know product they were selling. Daniel even offered to show me a very good test-ride route because I wasn't from the area. They really had good high quality photos online and described the bike to a T. I would buy all of my bikes through them if I could because I know that I could trust them to sell me a quality product again and again.
Thanks Guys!!
2005 Honda RC51
Newberg, OR 

I recently purchased a 2007 KTM 990 Super Duke from David and Daniel. This is my second transaction with them. As expected, the bike looked and performed exactly as presented. All the bits and pieces that were advertised and promised were included. They even accommodated my request to meet me half way to complete the delivery. It's nice to do business with people that care about customer service instead of just "making a buck".
Reno, NV